Schools - an Assembly for


  • hall
  • candles that the children have made with a night-light in each
  • box
  • fire retardant material
  • fire blanket
  • matches
  • icon of the Transfiguration
  • plants
  • candles
  • tapers
  • tape/CD player
  • reflective music e.g. Taize, John Michael Talbot's "The Quiet"
  • Guitarist if available.

A focus for prayer
First of all set up a focus for prayer. One way we have done this is to cover a box loosely with material, stand the icon up on the box, and place plants, large candles, floating candles, natural objects such as shells, etc around the icon and on the material.


Switch the reflective music on and invite the children into the hall. Ask the children to place the candles they have made either on a flat board (to catch the wax!) in front of the prayer focus, or in the shape of a cross, which they can sit around (at a safe distance).


  • Start with a Taize chant such as the Lord is my Light, which the children have already learnt by heart. Sing several times over as adults, or carefully selected children light the candles with tapers.
  • Discuss with children what light sources they can think of and then ask them what they think Jesus being the Light of the World means. Explore this link and then tell the children the story of the transfiguration (see teachers notes in Crafts section).
  • Discuss how in Baptism we are filled with Jesus' light - a light that changes us and transforms us to become like Jesus if we choose to let Jesus do this - we have the choice.
  • Link to All Saints - the saints chose to follow Jesus and become more like him and be transformed by his light, even in very difficult circumstances. Tell the children a story from the saints - there are plenty in the website or try "Beggars, Beasts and Easter Fire" by Carol Greene. Tell children exciting stories of how God intervened in the lives of the saints, for example, how the forest appeared to be on fire when St Clare and St Francis prayed, how St Clare stopped an invading army with the monstrance, or how St John Bosco looked after neglected children, entertained then with juggling and taught them about the mass.
  • Ask the children to reflect silently on how the saints were like Jesus - then ask the children to share their thoughts.
  • Prayer - Using the children's answers pray that they (and the whole school community) would choose to follow Jesus, be filled with His light and would be more like Him.
  • Sing "We are marching in the Light of God/Siya hamb'e" and blow out candles!
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