As Special Agents can you find out the following?! Hint: Ask your family, look in a dictionary and encylopaedia, or use the internet link (ask your parents first!):

  1. is celebrated on the eve of "All Saints". What does "eve" mean?
  2. What is a saint?
  3. What does the feast of All Saints celebrate?
  4. Who is you favourite saint and why?
  5. Draw a picture of what you think they look like.
  6. Find out about your name saint (or if you do not have one, the name saint of someone in your family or one of your friends).
  7. Why do you think we need saints today?
  8. Who do you think can become a saint?
  9. Look at what our Pope says about us becoming saints!
    "Young people do not be afraid to become the Saints of the New Millenium" - Pope John Paul II.

What are we waiting for then?!

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