Schools - A liturgy for

Please see the Health and Safety note *

  • hall
  • box
  • fire retardant material
  • fire blanket
  • matches
  • plants
  • candles
  • tapers
  • tape/CD player
  • reflective music e.g. Taize, John Michael Talbot's "The Quiet"
  • Guitarist if available
  • A monstrance
  • A eucharistic minister to expose the Blessed Sacrament
  • A piece of beautiful inflammable material
  • An incense burner from church, with incense grains. * Please check your Health and Safety policy and if necessary substitute a candle for the incense and burner.

A focus for prayer
First of all set up a focus for prayer (see ideas above in assembly section). Instead of using the icon leave a space for the monstrance.


  • Entrance
    Start with a Taize chant such as The Lord is my Light, which the children have already learnt by heart. Sing several times over.
  • Tell the children about the woman who put her hand out to touch Jesus believing that just by touching Jesus she would be healed. We can ask Jesus to fill us with Himself, with His Light too. Tie a beautiful material around the monstrance and place on prayer focus table.
  • Play a reflective tape and invite each child (two at a time) to come forward and gently hold the cloth tied to the monstrance. Invite them to say a silent prayer to Jesus, and then drop a grain of incense onto a burner which is 2 metres in front of the monstrance and an adult sits by it for Health and Safety precautions (* Please see note above).
  • You could also sing quiet songs whilst this is going on such as Father we adore you and Jesus remember me (see list of songs).
  • Reflect on - The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it (John 1:5).
  • Finish with a prayer asking Jesus to fill us with himself and His Light on this .
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